About the author

Apparently I am supposed to define myself to the reader. Here is an attempt:

My name is Ali, short for Alison (don’t call me that). I am a 29-year-old woman, no kids, no man; which makes me a spinster β€” or what I like to call, cool.

Born just outside of Los Angeles (West Covina) and raised in New Mexico. I’ve lived all over the U.S. from the coast of North Carolina, down to Destin, Florida, westward to San Diego and Long Beach, California. I currently find myself roasting in Phoenix, Arizona.

I’ve experienced a little life here and there in these 29 years.


I thoroughly enjoy writing. It’s what I do for a profession, but I do it here on this blog for the bliss of sharing the craziness that buzzes between my ears.

I’ve written since the moment I was gifted my first diary β€” a Lisa Frank journal, complete with a lock & key and a set of sweet sparkle stickers. I’d chronicle the dramas of a preteen; assuredly something to do with my favorite TV show, Braceface or my awesome polished stone collection.

I still journal to this day but surely about way less cool stuff. I cherish the word and find it to be the most cathartic expression. So here I am.

I like to read books, articles, blogs, magazines, social media posts β€” anything.

I was born with an atrocious appetite, so food is a hobby. I love trying new restaurants but you’d most likely spot me in my natural habitat stuffing my mouth with tacos or pizza. I also have an unrelenting sweet tooth so tacos and pizza are usually followed by fistfuls of anything chocolate.

Because of the misfortune of my stomach, staying active and fit is also a big part of my day to day. I worked as a personal trainer for six years paying my way through school. The habit stuck so you can find me lifting weights most days. I force myself to do minimal bouts of cardio to ensure that my heart doesn’t spontaneously implode.

I’ve skied since I could walk. I also love to whip out the ol’ roller blades, wrist guards and fanny pack, and channel my inner Brink on Sunday mornings.

I love all things fashion and I do a bit of the good ol’ fashion blogging on my Instagram so make sure to follow.

I also enjoy engaging in conversation over drinks with good people. My favorite topics include biology, evolution, psychology, philosophy and its interplay with society and politics. I can also get down on some in-depth discussion on Game of Thrones conspiracy theories.

I will use statements that people have said directly to me over the years, as to my character:

“You talk all smart”, “You’re pretty white for being Hispanic”, “You are a bitch”, “I like your mind”, “You are fucking crazy”, “You’re stupid”, “You are beautiful”, “You are funny, sometimes”, “You look so exotic”, “You can lift weights pretty good β€” for a girl”, “You are selfish”, “You are a liar”, “Damn, you are a good cook”, “You’re a good friend”, “You are so spoiled”, “You have crazy eyes”.

I am human. I am an evolution of all the experiences, good and bad, that have happened to me, because of me, outside of me. In my past I have done things and said things completely opposing to the things I do and say now. I have learned, I have grown, I have accepted that I am human.