About the author

Here is my attempt to define myself:

My name is Ali, (pronounced “Alley” — my parents thought it’d be fun to drop the “extra” L to ethnically, religiously, and gender-ly confuse everyone). I’m a 30ish-year-old unmarried woman with no children and two cats. Really fits the bill.

I was born just outside of Los Angeles, shortly thereafter moving around the world to Japan. Eventually my family came back to the U.S. and I was raised in the small village of Corrales, NM. I’ve moved all over the states from the coast of North Carolina, down to Florida, west to Southern California. I roasted in the desert of Arizona for a bit and now I find myself in good ol’ Texas.

I’ve experienced great highs and deep lows in these 30-ish years, and that’s mainly what I write about in this blog. I tend to attract absolutely bizarre situations — comical at best, pride damaging or physically painful at worst. These are stories of my woes, best and worst experiences, how I deal with life, and sometimes even my womanly opinions *insert horrified emoji here*.


I thoroughly enjoy writing. It’s what I do for a profession as a technical writer, but I write on this blog for the joy of connecting with people all over the world with shared experiences. Welcome to the blog! 🙂