About the author

Here is my attempt to define myself:

My name is Ali. I’m a 31-year-old unmarried woman with no kids, which makes me a spinster — or what I like to call, cool.

I was born just outside of Los Angeles, shortly thereafter moving around the world to Japan. Eventually my family came back to the U.S. and I was raised in the small village of Corrales, NM. I’ve moved all over the states from the coast of North Carolina, down to Florida, westward to Southern California. I currently find myself roasting in the desert of Arizona.

I’ve experienced great highs and deep lows in these 30ish years, and that’s mainly what this blog is about. Sharing stories on my experiences, how I deal with life, and sometimes even my womanly opinions. *Insert horrified emoji here*


I thoroughly enjoy writing. It’s what I do for a profession; I have a degree in technical communications which just means writing content in highly technical and scientific genres. But I write on this blog for the bliss of sharing the craziness that buzzes between my ears.

I’ve written since the moment I was gifted my first diary — a Lisa Frank journal, complete with a lock-and-key and a set of sweet sparkle stickers. I’d chronicle the dramas of a preteen; assuredly something to do with my favorite TV show, Braceface or my awesome polished stone collection. I still journal to this day but surely about way less cool stuff.

I like to read books, articles, blogs, magazines, social media posts, really anything. My favorite authors are Dennis Lehane when I’m looking to get my crime-thriller novel fix, and, of course, Jane Austin. Which means I’m a hardcore romantic. So maybe I’m typical sometimes, sue me.

I was born with an atrocious appetite, so I consider food a hobby. I love trying new restaurants but you’ll most likely find me stuffing my face with tacos. I also have an unrelenting sweet tooth so any meal is usually followed by fistfuls of chocolate.

Because of the misfortune of my stomach, staying active and fit is also a big part of my routine. I worked as a personal trainer for six years while getting my degree and the habit stuck. I follow a pretty rigorous weight lifting routine and I force myself to do minimal bouts of cardio to ensure that my heart doesn’t spontaneously implode.

I’ve skied since I could walk and love getting up to the mountains during snow season. I also love to whip out the ol’ roller blades — that’s right I said blades NOT skates, get it straight. I strap on some sweet looking wrist guards, my trusty fanny pack and hit the streets to channel my inner Brink alter ego.

I love all things fashion and consider shopping trips as cathartic as my writing. I think clothing is the most enjoyable and unique self-expression. I like meshing femininity and androgyny into a perfect blend for my tomboyishness growing up into the woman I am today. Classic, sometimes bold or trendy but always me.

I’m just regular ol’ human. I can be pretty typical AKA “basic”. And sometimes I find myself thinking on the outside, making me atypical. I’m an evolution of all the experiences, good and bad. In my past I’ve done things and said things completely opposite to the things I do and say now. I’ve learned, I’ve grown and I’ve accepted that I am just a weird little person and I enjoy that.